About the Webpage

This webpage was created using Notepad ++ in HTML and using external CSS.
Each page is a static page with minimal scripting in Javascript.
Feel free to view the source code to see the structure of the website.

About the Developer

Nikki McFarland is a technology student who is passionate about promoting technology in small businesses and in the educational systems.
She currently works as an IT Technician for the local school district, but is looking to do more work for small businesses on the side.
Nikki believes in the power of community and loves the feeling of home she gets from her small town.
This is why she is dedicating her career to technology in the hopes that she can change the lives of many by either delivering a service to help a business, or developing or deploying a product that will benefit students of all ages.
To contact Nikki with requests for a website, mobile app, ideas for benefiting education, or if you have any questions or comments about this website, please email her at:
Thank you!